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Backdrop Ideas For Your Photo Stand

While it is simply a must that you take a picture at a grand event or even the smallest shindig, having a cool background is everything. Not all of us can afford to wait until the sunsets to take a picture with it nor can we simply lay on the ground to seem like we are on a carpeted field of greens. And that is why as the host of the event it is your duty to design the perfect backdrop for a photo stand. So here are some ideas to help you out.

The DIY style

This is one of the easiest backdrop design idea ever. After all, how can you ever forget the paper chains made in kindergarten. All you have to do here is grab some craft paper of different vibrant shades. Cut them up and glue them, one inside the other. With those party prop hire Sydney and the vibrant paper chains, capturing a stunning picture is no doubt at all!

The chalkboard

Writing on a black board has always been fun, especially with all those colored shades of chalk. And that is why this is another cool backdrop that you could use. It is also perfect to customize and design, just the way any person would want it to be, by simply changing the designs at the back of it. All you have to do is get some hard wooden board or sheets, and spray them with chalk board paint. Let them dry up and you are all set to go. Make sure to buy different shades of chalk as well while you also arrange some prop hire to use while taking pics!

Rainbow confetti

This is another cool idea you could use, especially for a stand at a birthday party. The mix of bold shades of color and the simplicity behind this, is simply amazing and perfect for a fun and playful pic. To make the confetti seem as though they are floating, make sure to attach each one to some invisible thread or a fishing line.

Minecraft balloon wall

While this may seem as one of the easiest backdrops out of all, it is the trickiest. Here the trick to designing such a perfect balloon wall, is to make sure that all the balloons are of the same size. And so when you are blowing these up, make sure to use a pump and have a proper counter of the number of times you are pumping air in to it. this way there is a more even weight maintained among all balloons, helping you design the perfect Minecraft wall!